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News last updated on 17/08/2021 

We are COVID-secure and remain open 
Following the latest Government guidance, we are pleased to announce that our Plant Centre remains open. Social distancing and safety measures have been reaffirmed and can be viewed on our 'Visiting Us' page.  
Please read our safety measures before visiting for further information. 

June Newsletter  Welcome to our newsletter for June. This month we will be sharing some exciting news about the expansion of the production Nursery and how we are celebrating Children’s Gardening Week at Olivers Plants.  Childrens Gardening Week 29th May - 6th June 

Meet the Team! 
We think it’s important for you to meet the people who make all the things we write about in the newsletters possible! 
Oliver Wass 
When did you start the company? I started selling plants from a stall outside our house around 1997/98 aged 10, then at car boot sales from 2001. I went on to sell my plants at farmers markets and shows from around 2004 and opened the Plant Centre in 2006. 
What inspired you to want to work in horticulture and start your own business? I enjoyed growing plants and started with French Breakfast Radish and Webb’s Wonderful Lettuce. I then moved on to growing Dahlias by which time I had the growing bug! 
What’s your favourite plant/area in your garden? Kitchen Garden. 
Do you have any additional hobbies outside of work? I have not had a vegetable garden since I left home 15 years ago but I now have a walled kitchen garden in progress which will no doubt take up any spare time I may have along with my two young boys Harry and William. 

Plant Centre 

To celebrate Children’s Gardening week we will be holding our free sunflower growing competition (See above for details). We also have a fantastic set of children’s gardening tools available to encourage your little helpers to get green fingered and out in the garden! 
As for many of us working from home is now the new norm and likely to stay that way we wanted to stress the importance of bringing the outdoors in with the addition of houseplants. We have a wide range of houseplants for all sizes and budgets from Peace Lilies, Cacti and Succulents, Orchids, Palms and many more. Houseplants have many benefits besides their aesthetic value, they can help purify your air, increase your productivity and some can even improve your quality of sleep, as many of us continue to work from home there is no better time to reap the rewards that indoor plants have to offer. Our expert Rosanne has years of experience looking after houseplants and is always happy to advise customers on which plants are best suited to their needs. If you’re new to houseplants we highly recommend Zamioculcas (ZZ Plant) or Sansevieria (Mother-in-laws tongue) as they are both tolerant of a range of conditions and relatively robust. 
We have a vast range of aquatic plants available at the Plant Centre and on our webshop. Planting ponds is an excellent way to support local wildlife such as frogs, birds and insects like dragonflies. It provides them with a habitat and somewhere to shelter from predators. Plants such as Vallisneria (Eel Grass) and Elodia (Waterweed) are fantastic for oxygenating ponds and helping to filter out harmful algae and deposits. If you’re unsure about what plan to choose visit our webshop where they are broken down into marginal plants (ideal for planting in shallower water on the edges of ponds), submerged plants (like to be planted in deep water) and floating plants (sit on the surface of bodies of water such as waterlilies). 

Production Nursery 

At the Production Nursery plans are well under way for the expansion of our glasshouse this summer. We will be increasing our indoor space significantly in the coming months. This will enable us to divide the glasshouse into various zones, which allows us to have greater control over the growing conditions such as temperature, light and humidity. In these separate growing areas, we will be able to ensure that each crop has the optimal conditions for maximum growth and quality. 
Last summer we installed a new 750,000 litre water tank to store rainwater and surface water run-off which has meant that our irrigation system has used purely harvested and recycled water this year, helping us to reduce our impact on the environment. We highly encourage our customers to reduce their water consumption by harvesting rain water and grey water, not only is it environmentally friendly but also a more economical way to water your plants (it may also help you to appreciate the rather wet weather we have been experiencing lately!). 
Our whole range of perennials are now available at the Plant Centre and on our webshop, including later flowering plants such as Geums and Salvias which are ideal for extending the season of interest in your beds, borders and containers as they will continue flower through to early autumn. 

Black Horse Cafe 

We are pleased to welcome everyone back into the Black Horse Café! Our indoor seating area is ventilated and Covid-secure. We also have two outdoor seating areas, one of which is heated. Booking is advised. 
Thank you for reading our June Newsletter and we look forward to updating you again next month! 
Olivers Plants 
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