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Patio and Basket Plants 

Varieties of Patio & Basket plants currently being grown on our Production Nursery are shown below. These plants will not be available to order using our webshop until they are ready for dispatch. 
Common names are shown in italics. 
- Sky Lover 
Argyranthemum (Marguerite)  
- Percussion Double Red/Rose/White 
- Percussion Teddy Lemon/Scarlet/White  
- Summit Double Pink 
- Scopia - Double Snowball 
- Scopia Gulliver - Dynamic White/Violet/Pink Heart 
- Lavander 
- Giant White 
- boliviensis La Paz Appleblossom/Orange/Red/Rose 
- boliviensis Beauvillia Red/Dark Salmon/White 
- boliviensis Fragrant Falls Peach 
- boliviensis Waterfalls Encanto Pink 
- boliviensis Bellavista® Double White 
- elatior Glory - Pink/White 
- elatior - Carmen Red/Nelly 
- elatior - Solenia Yellow 
- x tuberhybrida Illumination® - Golden Picotee/Lemon/Mix/Orange/Rose/Scarlet/White 
- x tuberhybrida Chameleon - Cream Rose/Red & Yellow 
- x tuberhybrida Nonstop - Orange/Pink/Red/White/Appleblossom/Yellow/Mocca Mix 
- Timeless Yellow Charm 
- Dorado - Lemoncello/Red Yellow 
Brachyscome (Swan River Daisy)  
- Brasco Violet 
Calibrachoa (Million Bells)  
- Lia - Yellow 
- Rave - Pink/Blue/Violet 
- MiniFamous Neo - Blue/Light Blue Vein/Hot Pink/ Pink Red Eye/White/Orange Red Eye/True Yellow/Firestorm/Orange/Pinktastic 
- MiniFamous Neo Double - Blue/Yellow/Lemon/Light Blue/Dark Red/White 
Canna indica (Indian Shot Plant)  
- Cannova Mix  
Coleus canina (scardy Cat)  
- Dog/Cat  
- Casanova - Pink/Violet/White 
- Elfjes - White/Dark Orange/Pink 
Fuchsia - Annabel/Bella Rosella (Giant Flower)/Claudia/Dark Eyes/Flying Scotsman/Harry Grey/Sir Matt Busby/Thalia/Patio Princess/Winston Churchill/Deltas Sarah/Genie/General Monk/Hawshead/Heidi Anne 
- Leonita Double - Pink White/Red Lavender (Compact)/ Red White (Compact)/Rose Blue (Compact)/Rose White (Compact) 
- Hardy Plants - Madame Cornelissen/magellanica David/magellanica Shapitor/magellanica Versicolour/Mrs Popple/riccartonii/Tom Thumb/Tom West 
- Lime/Silver/Variegated/Moes Silver 
Ipomea (Morning Glory)  
- Sweet Caroline - Copper/Lime Green/Purple 
- Hot Bavaria/Star Blue/Star Purple/Star White 
- Orange Flash 
Lysimachia (Loosestrife)  
- Aurea 
- Fairy Kisses Boysenberry 
- Nesia - Banana Swirl/Fantasy Pink/Snow Angel/Tropical 
- Variegated 
Osteospermum (Cape Daisy)  
- Sunny Compact - Hazel/Haylie/Asti/Dixie/Elektra/Evita 
- (Geranium climbing) Antik - Orange/Violet 
- (Geranium scented) - Appleblossom/Capitatum/Fragrans/Lemon 
(Geranium interspecific) Marcada - Dark Red/Pink/Magenta  
- (Ivy Leaf Geranium) x peltatum - Ville de Dresden/Amelit/Blanche Roche/Mexikanerin/Ruby/Tommy/Vicky  
- (Ivy Leaf Geranium) x peltatum Gerainbow® - Amethyst/Coral/Purple Bicolour/Red/White 
- (Geranium) x zonale - Compact Line Glacis 
- (Geranium) x zonale - Quality Line Victor/Calais 
- (Geranium) x zonale - Chocolate Pink/Clara (Dark Leaf)/Greta (Dark Leaf)/Lorena (Dark Leaf)/Marena (Dark Leaf)/Rosita (Dark Leaf)/Samelia (Dark Leaf) 
- (Geranium) x zonale Grandeur® Classic - Light Pink Splash/White Splash 
- (Geranium) x zonale Grandeur® Deco - Choco Cherry  
- (Geranium) x zonale PAC - Flower Fairy White Splash/Ice Crystal 
- (Geranium fancy leaf) x zonale Grandeur® Deco - Mrs Pollock/Vancouver/Occold Shield 
Petunia Trailing  
- Alpetunia - Light Blue/Blueberry/Blue/Hot Pink/Red/Soft Pink 
- Queen of Hearts/BabyDoll/Indian Summer/Night Sky 
- Crazytunia - Black Mamba/Frisky Purple/Kermit Rose/Mandaville/Maniac Lilac/Moonstruck 
- Famous White 
- Supertunia - Raspberry Star 
- Surfinia - Purple 
- SweetSunshine - Burgundy double/Light Pink double/Purple Picotee double 
- Variegated 
-Lanai - Blue Eyes/Candy Cane/Compact White/Early Deep Red/Peach/Raspberry/Twister Blue/Twister Burgundy 
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